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AAP CME and Education Information

“Presented by the AAP Committee on CME”

As part of the AAP Committee on CME’s scholarly endeavors, the members review and discuss educational articles at committee meetings. References for and summaries of the articles that the members have reviewed are available at the links below:

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for Education

The Committee on CME has collated the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) resources below for Medical Educators to refer to when creating their teaching materials.  While these include a Tips Sheet and annotated summaries of available resources and tools, we recognize that these lists are not comprehensive.  We welcome feedback from our community and suggestions for additional resources that would benefit medical educators.  Please click here to share feedback and suggestions.  

Resources Topics Addressed
EDI for Education Tips Sheet
Reflect on the questions in this tips sheet to help ensure that the education you plan and deliver is inclusive, enables rather than disempowers people and groups, and addresses structural inequities, systemic racism and associated health disparities.
What Will You Show?
What Will You Say?
How Will You Engage?
What Will You Consider?
Annotated List of Resources
Access this annotated list for general resources and training and assessment tools on EDI for education.
General Resources
What Will You Say?
Tools for Educators
Training Tools
Assessment Tools
Annotated List of Tips Sheets & Checklists
Access this annotated list for tips sheets and checklists on EDI for education.  

Tip Sheets

Educational Resources

Scholarly Reviews Of Educational Articles

Top educational articles that can be used when doing your educational activity.  References for and summaries of the articles that the members have reviewed are available at the links below:

ACCME Educational Meeting Materials

If you attended the Leverage Best Practices in Interactive Teaching to Meet Accreditation With Commendation Criteria session at the ACCME meeting in May 2023, below are additional resources that were referenced in the session.