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EQIPP for Groups

EQIPP for Groups - Medical TeamEQIPP makes it easy to collaborate with other pediatricians in your practice to achieve QI! Use the included tools to:

  • Assign group administrator(s)
  • Enter aggregate data (administrator feature)
  • Compare individual data to group data and recommended goals
  • Coordinate and collaborate on ideas for change
  • Send emails to the group administrator and/or other members of your team directly from the "My EQIPP Groups" page

Before requesting a group, all participants must already be registered for the EQIPP course(s) the group will be using.

“EQIPP was good to do together as a group. When we put our findings together and presented to the group the findings had more weight. We walked away energized about more quality improvement. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

-Dr. Vidal-Phelan about her group experience with EQIPP: Eliminating Tobacco use & Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Need help with your group? Email EQIPP@aap.org.